written by Wanda

Amanda Bynes Is Looking Better?

I was pretty worried about Amanda Bynes there for a while. She seemed to be headed down a very dark and dangerous road. There were the arrests, the bizarre public outings and the even more bizarre statements and while I’m far from ready to say I’m not worried anymore, she at least looks pretty good in these photos. I like the outfit although I can see why some people would tear her apart for it. It isn’t exactly high fashion but it looks comfortable. I’d wear everything she’s wearing in these photos (snapped as she catches a cab in NYC) apart from the big sunglasses. Those things still bug the heck out of me. All in all though, I’d say Amanda at least looks like she’s in a healthier place in her life. Of course, we all know looks can be deceiving. I just hope they aren’t in this case. Amanda is a beautiful young girl with a lot of talent. I’d hate to see her waste it.

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