written by Ann

Amanda Bynes’ Peek-a-boo Side Boobs

Amanda Bynes arrived in style at the 13th annual Critics’ Choice Awards, held in Santa Monica. She wore a sexy dress, styled like a double layered pinafore. Everyone knew that the large arm holes afforded good exposure of the boobs at the side and truly, there were the perfect shots of Amanda’s boobs. They were naturally round and devoid of artificial boost. Let’s hope that Amanda keeps her natural bosom and continue to give us peeks of her hills.

Amanda Bynes Boobs

Amanda Bynes Amanda Bynes 2.jpg Amanda Bynes 3.jpg Amanda Bynes 4.jpg Amanda Bynes 5.jpg Amanda Bynes 6.jpg Amanda Bynes 7.jpg Amanda Bynes 8.jpg Amanda Bynes 9.jpg Amanda Bynes 10.jpg


  • Love Amanda Bynes.She is one of the cutest actress and she is so simple and funny. Love all her movies. Can’t wait to watch her new movie.

  • Amanda’s got great boobs for sure. A guy could have a lot of fun with those. She’s such a cutie.

  • bobbies are great but those sexy shapely legs will always blow my mind

  • She must have bigger boobs by now.. thank you for Amanda Bynes !

  • Good boobs man.
    Lots of licking to do.
    I would just drink her milk and get sperm from her vagina.
    Now where is her clitoris?

  • She is not cute as Emma Watson :D

  • wow she as such sexy big boobs. i could do a lot with those….

  • wow she as such sexy big boobs.jiggly things. i could do a lot with those….

  • wow…..i cant say anything but c’mon amanda come get some from me,you can suck and have as much fun you like with me babe,YAAAAWWW!!!!!

  • She is deffinetly my favorite actress. She is so cute and has an amazing rack!


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