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Amanda Seyfried Walks The Dog

Oh Amanda Seyfried. Man, I can’t even. I have loved this girl for longer than I can remember – at least since Mean Girls but maybe even longer. She’s absolutely gorgeous. She has a fantastic body and the kind of eyes that stop my heart for a beat or two. She also has the sort of casual, laid back style I find most appealing in celebrity woman. My only complaint about these pictures – and it is a very small complaint – is the sunglasses. I love her eyes so it kind of sucks that she has to cover them up. That’s the sun for you though. Regardless, Amanda looks incredible. I don’t think it would be possible for me to love this girl more than I already do.

Amanda Seyfried walks the dog

Amanda Seyfried walks the dog Amanda Seyfried walks the dog Amanda Seyfried walks the dog Amanda Seyfried walks the dog Amanda Seyfried walks the dog

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