written by Wanda

Amber Heard Is The Only Female On My Freebie List

So I’m more or less a straight female but there are some women I’d make an exception for. Amber Heard is one of those women. I think she’s just devastatingly beautiful and that body of hers is incredible. When my husband and I came up with our freebie list (celebrities we could sleep with without getting in trouble if we had the chance), Amber was the first name on my list and the only female. Oddly enough, Amber’s boyfriend (ex-boyfriend? I’m a little behind on my celebrity gossip), Johnny Depp, is also on my list which just put all sorts of wonderfully dirty thoughts in my head. Hey, a girl can dream, right?


  • sexy women, great legs, love the thighs on show

  • she is really very pretty, awesome legs , really gorgeous girl

  • she is fit as fuck