written by Wanda

Amy Childs Gasses Up

You know what surprises me about some beautiful entertainment industry types? They can make something as ordinary as stopping for a quick trip to the gas station look sexy. How is that even possible? I’m not sure but apparently it is possible as here we see Amy Childs doing exactly that. The dress is incredible. The hair is incredible. Apparently she was on her way to a publicity event but even so. She looks terrific. It’s also nice to see celebs doing normal things for themselves instead of having an assistant do it for them. I am a little off and on with Amy but I think she looks fantastic here and that’s all I’m really concerned about in the grand scheme of things.


  • I wish I saw fit ladies dressed like this at my local petrol station? she knows she is hot so she teases like most girls, she loves the attention, Love the outfit shows off her awesome figure so curvy, she is hot

  • I would spunk all over her ass

  • she has an awesome body, damn that ass

  • great ass