written by Wanda

Amy Childs In Little Black Dress

I’ll admit, I didn’t know who Amy Childs was before I started researching this post. Apparently, she’s a bit of a reality star – a British Heidi Montag or Lauren Conrad. I’ve never seen her show, ‘The Only Way is Essex’, so I can’t really say much about her or the show. From what I hear, it’s pretty awful, but again, who am I to judge a show I’ve never seen. In any event, this is Amy Childs leaving the Funky Buddha nightclub after being denied entry to the ‘Playboy Energy Drink’ party being held there because her cast member and party companion Harry Derbidge is only 16 years old. She’s pretty hot either way.

Amy Childs Amy Childs Amy ChildsAmy Childs Amy Childs Amy Childs Amy Childs Amy Childs Amy Childs Amy Childs


  • Looks good

  • her friend looks better !!

  • who’s the girl in white?

  • dont see any differends beetwin their

  • on another note Amy Childs is HOT!!!!! seriously gorgeous!!

  • WOW!!! Amy is smoking hot!!

  • As if you don’t know the girl in white. Do you ever watch The Only Way is Essex. I’m sorry but come on, that girl is Sam Faiers and the boy is Harry Derbidge!! Amy looks nice!!

  • i would say the lady with her is probably better looking, great figure though