written by Wanda

Amy Childs Lets Her Butt Hang Out For Her Reality Show

Amy Childs really shot to fame as an original cast member of “The Only Way is Essex”, a British semi-reality show that offers ‘real people in modified situations’. To be honest, I don’t really know what that means. I guess it’s a more honest way of presenting a reality show. Perhaps “The Hills”, “Jersey Shore” and some of the other US based reality shows should take the same approach. That’s not the point though, I suppose. Amy has taken her stint on the show and really made the best of it, gaining work as a model before landing a reality show of her own. These pictures are from the set of that reality show, “All About Amy” from the shoot in Hollywood Hills. I’ve never seen the show but it looks pretty high-brow. That’s sarcasm of course but it’s hard to hate on Amy. She clearly knows what she’s doing.


  • Heard about The Only Way Is Essex when it first came out, but wasn’t that interested in watching it. Heard it was quite entertaining though.

    I don’t have much of an opinion on Amy Childs. I’ve seen one interview with her, but I’m obviously not going to form an opinion based on just that.

    I’d like to think there’s more to her than the countless photos of her in different states of figure-hugging outfits. Hopefully, there is.

  • She looks acteraculy a same. we don’t know what a DM mania is with criticising a expel of TOWIE. The volume of mainstay inches squandered on essay purposeless articles about them all, we can’t assistance though consternation during times if it wasn’t for TOWIE would DM have anything to write about. How about some genuine reporting.

  • Nice hair extensions. Fake, attention seeking brat.