written by Wanda

Amy Childs Sells Her Baffling Product In A Baffling Way.

I have never – not in my entire life – heard of hair Vajazzles so I looked them up. Apparently, hair Vajazzles are little gem designs you can put in your hair using a few seconds of heat. They then last for up to seven days. I’m sorry. I guess I’m missing something here because I can not for the life of me understand why someone would want sparkly gems in their hair for seven days. I guess it’s the new thing. I’m not good with trends. Anyway, so Amy Childs apparently put these things on the map and decided to put out her own line of hair Vajazzles. This is where these pictures come in. This is Amy ripping off Britney Spear’s nude body suit at the launch of Amy Childs’ Hair Vajazzles in London. I fail to see how this outfit sells hair products because I know I’m not really looking at her head in these photos.

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