written by Wanda

Amy Markham Nipslip

I have to be honest. I’m not really all that familiar with Amy Markham. I know she’s a model from Texas and have seen some of her professional shots but she’s never really stood out for me. Looking at these photos, I can’t understand why. This woman is beautiful. She has a terrific body and clearly isn’t afraid to show it off. My only complaint is the bikini she’s wearing. While I’m sure I’m the only person looking at these photos that would complain, I am an honest person and so I feel the need to be honest. The bikini is just a bit too small for her. It should be at least a size bigger. Of course, we wouldn’t have the nip slip if it was, so I suppose there’s that. I just find women who wear bikinis that are obviously too small for them a little bit on the trashy side and I’m not attracted to trashy. Even so, this one isn’t all that bad and aside from the nipple peeking out in some of the photos, it looks good on her.

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  • not heard of her either but she is very fine, great body, awesome rack on show here