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Ana Beatriz Barros Catches A Fish

There is only one thing that prevents me from really liking Ana Beatriz Barros and I’ll tell you exactly what that is. Jealousy. This girl makes me jealous like you wouldn’t believe. Why? She’s gorgeous. She has a great modeling career working with Guess?, Jennifer Lopez’s ‘J-Lo’ fashion line, bebe, and Victoria’s Secret. She has such a natural, easy confidence in front of the camera. She was also born on May 29th, 1982. I was born on May 14th, 1982. We are only fifteen days apart in age yet light years apart in lifestyle. Somewhere Ana is probably sunning herself on the beach. What are my plans for the day? Finish these posts, work on an article about celebrity baby names and then possibly cry myself to sleep. Seriously though, I do love this girl. She’s stunning but not in the conventional sort of way. I think these pictures are a lot of fun. I’m glad to see her continued success.

Ana Beatriz Barros catches a fish

Ana Beatriz Barros catches a fish Ana Beatriz Barros catches a fish Ana Beatriz Barros catches a fish Ana Beatriz Barros catches a fish

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