written by Wanda

Ana Beatriz Barros Hits Up Roberto Cavalli’s Boat Party In Cannes

Ana Beatriz Barros is one of those stunning models I hear a lot about but don’t get the chance to write about very often. She doesn’t seem to spend half of her life on the beach and the other half posing in her underwear and I like that about her. While I love many of the regulars we feature here, it is nice to see someone we don’t see a lot of every now and again. In these photos, we see Ana looking stunning at Roberto Cavalli‚Äôs Boat Party in Cannes. I love the dress she’s chosen here. It fits her beautifully and shows off her incredible body without showing a lot of skin. Although part of me wants to see Ana all the time, it’s also nice only seeing here every once in a while. It makes photos of her extra special.

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