written by Nabanita

Ana Ivanovic At Indian Wells

Well I’ve met a lot of people raving about Ana Ivanovic, but I’m in 2 minds. Is it just a foreign fascination or is she really that great. The latest in regards to Ana Ivanovic was her presence at the Indian Wells tennis open, and I can’t say she looked her best. It was more like a purple drape on her rather than sexy tennis apparel that everyone’s expecting for this new season. Truly speaking what sort of a design would that qualify as, with so much gathering ad is it really an intelligent thing to wear when fighting it out at competitive sporting events. Let’s just wait and see what dominates the courts, the shots or the overbearing purple dress.

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  • To me, it shouldn’t matter whether people think she looks her best or not? More importantly, it matters more how she feels about HERSELF. And second: it’s about the game, not what she is or isn’t wearing or what color it is.

  • You know what I like about these pictures? She really looks like she’s in her element, like nothing else matters, like you wouldn’t catch her doing anything else but this: playing tennis. Her passion really shows on her face.

  • I like the color she’s wearing. Doesn’t look bad to me at all. It’s different. Jumps out. It’s individual. But like Benita, I’m more concerned that she does her best in the game, not look her best. Male tennis players are never fussed over like that. The female players should be left to do just that: play the game.


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