written by Wanda

Anais Zanotti And Tahiti Cora Working Out In Miami

Seriously, Anais Zanotti and Tahiti Cora? You look this hot when you work out? How is that even possible? In these photos, we see Anais and pal Tahiti doing their workout in Miami and the photographs are just so hot I can’t even stand it. Both of these women are so incredibly beautiful. It doesn’t look like these shots were taken as part of a planned photoshoot but I have to imagine it was no accident that they wore these itty bitty outfits in a public space to work out. These women know how to get attention and while I’d normally call that desperate and sleazy, I’m enjoying the photos too much to care. Is that hypocritical of me? Probably but hey, at least I’m honest about it.

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  • awesome pics, 2 hotties, realyl fit bodies on both these girls