written by Wanda

Anais Zanotti Makes Another Appearance, Still Looks Hot

Since the last time I posted about Anais Zanotti, I have learned absolutely nothing new about her and I have to be honest, I find that mystery intriguing. She’s the kind of girl I could stare at for hours. She has a great body and a beautiful face. She also doesn’t seem to be 100% preoccupied with the cameras snapping away at her every move, even though it does appear she’s playing sexy for them in a few of these photos, which were snapped at the swimming pool at Miami Beach hotel. I can’t hate on her too much for that though. She’s an up and coming model trying to break into the business. Why not take advantage of the opportunity. I could see this lady really going places and her friend? Not too shabby either. Both of these ladies are gorgeous. Great set of photos. Bonus points for all the butt crack.


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