written by Wanda

Angela Simmons Looks Sexy At The Beach

Angela Simmons is mostly known for her time on “Run’s House” – a reality show she stared in with her family from 2005-2009. Her father is, of course, legendary rap icon Joseph Simmons who is better known as Rev Run. Angela is a lot more than the daughter of a legend though. Unlike the ‘stars’ of many of the other similar shows that have aired over the years, Angela runs her own business with her sister, Vanessa, and edits her own magazine titled “Angela’s Rundown”. Her magazine is mostly targeted at teens and focuses on issues that relate to teens. I have serious respect for that. Not many celebs in her position undertake ventures like that one. Here in Miami, Florida Angela and her little brother Russie hit the beach to spend a little quality time together with the help of a few jet skis. The woman looks incredible. Love this lady.


  • I’m glad she’s done well for herself and that she’s doing her own thing. That’s good. She comes across as an independent young lady.

    I like the little tattoo of a star on her foot. She also has incredibly smooth facial skin. It’s glowing.

  • In this Picture she is Looking so Hot and sexy showing as a Body in the Beach during the swimming..

  • The great thing, Thutmose, is that she’s not showing everything AND she looks ‘hot’ and ‘sexy’. I like that. It’s good to see that such a combination is possible, because it IS.

    She also looks very chilled out, completely taking the day in her stride.

  • Well you already know I LOVE this set!!!! The tutu pic is puociers!!! And, I LOVE the photo of her over her Daddy’s shoulder. Oh my those eyes! She was the perfect model for your first newborn shoot. Beautiful shots Denise!!!!!!!~Diana

  • nice looking girl, nice thick thighs too

  • she is very nice indeed