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Angelina Jolie Is One Proud Mommy

A talking, walking Angelina Jolie takes her kids to Corner Store. She is a picture of one very busy and proud mommy. With Shiloh on her arm, the pregnant Angelina also lugged along Sahara and Maddox. Wonder where’s the other one? Anyhoo, I love Angelina’s outfit in these photos although I think she’s overdressed in such a very simple occasion (taking her kids for a short walk doesn’t really require an expensive looking dress, yes?).

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is proud mommy Maddox Angelina Jolie Sahara Angelina Jolie loves kinds Angelina Jolie 6.jpg Angelina Jolie 7.jpg Angelina Jolie 8.jpg

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  • Shiloh looks so much like Pitt to me.

    I haven’t had Cheetos in ages