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Anna Kournikova: Gym Girl

What’s a former professional tennis player got to do when she’s no longer active in the sport and when she’s more active in fashion and modeling and partying along with her music superstar boyfriend? Why, go to the gym of course! Gotta maintain that figure, yes? Anna Kournikova, once hailed the world’s tennis darling, is seen here leaving a gym in Miami. Why so shy, Anna? It’s not as if you have a teensy weensy waist, shapely legs and nice gorgeous hair! Oh wait, she DOES have all that! Catch more Anna pictures after the jump!

Anna Kournikova

Anna Kournikova leaving gym Anna Kournikova 3.jpg Anna Kournikova 4.jpg Anna Kournikova 5.jpg Anna Kournikova 6.jpg Anna Kournikova 7.jpg Anna Kournikova 8.jpg Anna Kournikova 9.jpg Anna Kournikova 10.jpg

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  • Whats the reason of hiding Anna?


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