written by Ann

Anna Kournikova In Runner’s Tights

Our lovely Anna Kournikova is running the Nautic South Beach Triathlon in these pictures. She looks beautiful even as she is dressed down in the runner’s tank top and skinny shorts. Recently, she had come under the dark cloud of criticism for being soft as an athlete. She shows how tough she is here and she’s definitely not soft. This is the serious side of Anna as she proves her mettle and worth.

Anna Kournikova Ass

South Beach Triathlon Anna Kournikova, shorts Anna Kournikova running sexiest athlete Anna Kournikova 5.jpg Anna Kournikova 6.jpg Anna Kournikova 7.jpg Anna Kournikova 8.jpg Anna Kournikova 9.jpg Anna Kournikova 10.jpg Anna Kournikova 11.jpg Anna Kournikova 12.jpg Anna Kournikova 13.jpg Anna Kournikova 14.jpg Anna Kournikova 15.jpg Anna Kournikova 16.jpg Anna Kournikova 17.jpg Anna Kournikova 18.jpg


  • Still best celebrity ass around. Keep it up Anna!

  • she’s fit and slim, more in a man way!haha, seriously, heard she’s secretly dating on millionaireloves but it seemed she’s not that popular as many people expected to be!!! hope she’ll be ok with the result! no country for old womem!LOL

  • I think she is waaayyy too skinny there’s nothing there but skin and bones

  • she is well too snappy but i’d rag her till she bled eitherway

  • beautiful…. gorgeous and athletic

  • Body fat percentage is wayyy too low to look good.

  • ged … it’s called athletic body :)

  • ohh dude, she’s ruining her booty bro! wtf eat some donuts!!!!

  • Yup I’d pass. Too thin.