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Anna Kournikova: Sexy In Paris

Speaking from a girl’s standpoint, don’t you just hate former professional tennis player Anna Kournikova sometimes? I mean, come on, she hasn’t won any professional WTA singles tournament yet this one lucky b*tch has not only stolen the hearts of crooner Enrique Iglesias but the hearts of so many men all over the world as well. And – to add salt to the wound, so to speak – she recently looked so fashionable while out and about in Paris. The world can really be unfair sometimes!

Anna Kournikova

Anna Kournikova in Paris Anna Kournikova WTA Anna Kournikova 3.jpg Anna Kournikova 4.jpg Anna Kournikova 5.jpg Anna Kournikova 6.jpg Anna Kournikova 7.jpg Anna Kournikova 8.jpg Anna Kournikova 9.jpg Anna Kournikova 10.jpg Anna Kournikova 11.jpg Anna Kournikova 12.jpg Anna Kournikova 13.jpg


  • She acts like a former super model not tennis star :)

  • Good on her. I mean most female tennis players have a bit of a ‘butch’ thing going on. She will probably make more $$$ getting into the modelling/fashion thing anyway.

  • Hey you can’t fault her. She gets paid to play a game she sucks at and she gets paid to be a model, or whatever she does to afford those high fashion outfits!

  • Let her be a tennis player, model, nun or paris hilton…um i mean whore …what matters is she is hot and sexy. Cmon there are only some 1% hot and sexy people on this earth. No matter what they do we will always like them cos they are hot :)

  • We can never really own what fortune other people can have. So let it be. Let her go shop the world capture the hearts of men. Just leave some for me. She’s just born to be lucky that’s all.


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