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Anna Kournikova’s Bikini Shoot For Maxim

Anna Kournikova did a bikini fashion shoot for Maxim. She was beautiful. Maxim got her to wear a top despite her having a bikini top on. Anna has learnt the value of diplomacy even in the face of criticism. Justin Gimelstob, a tennis commentator, had criticized her but she has chosen not to return insults. She has ignored and avoided references to Gimelstob. There was much speculation on whether Anna had married Enrique Iglesias but her publicist refused to comment on that.

Anna Kournikova

Maxim beautiful Anna Kournikova Anna Kournikova getting dressed Anna Kournikova 4.jpg fashion shoot Anna Kournikova in bikini sexy Anna Kournikova Anna Kournikova 8.jpg Anna Kournikova


  • I want her to start playing tennis again!

  • she is still superhot babe

  • Is this shoot for next month?!

  • I don’t typically like that blond look but Anna is an exception. There’s something about her that makes her stand out. I guess she just has a really good makeup artist or people around her.

  • Ohhh come on like Brunnettes would be perfect without make-up. From my point of view Blond girls need less make up that Brunnettes.

  • Is it possible for Anna to be any more gorgeous?

  • Good to see Anna looking OOhhhh BABY! HOT again. She was getting way too thin a year or so back. As these are recent shots, it looks like she’s come to her senses. What a wicked bod. And kissing those lips wouldn’t exactly be a chore either.

  • Some writers are always putting down something about Anna and tennis. Ignoramuses with mud in their ears! Anna has suffered from serious and repeated back injuries for years – and she is really, really out of tennis permanently. Show some sympathy – back injuries are heartbreaking enough, even when they don’t ruin your tennis game that you’ve spent decades working on.


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