written by Wanda

Anna Paquin Is A Babe

I hate to cop to this because every time I do, I get a lot of people all shook up, but it’s like this. I have given “True Blood” a shot. I have given it a shot multiple times. I just don’t get the appeal. The characters piss me off. I mean, they sincerely get to me – far too much to get lost in any of the supposedly addictive plot lines. It just isn’t my cup of tea, I suppose. That said, I adore Anna Paquin. She’s an incredibly talented actress and has actually been one of my favorite actresses since I saw her in “The Piano” way back in 1993. I’m sure she’s great on “True Blood” but I can’t get passed how much the writing for her character Sookie annoys me. Whatever. She’s still a total babe. Here in Los Angeles, California, she looks just as smoking hot as ever. I love her to bits and will gladly watch anything she’s in… except “True Blood”.


  • I love her!

  • I agree with author about true blood. Was into season 1, but couldn’t finish it and gave it up completely. It was actually pretty cool for a while but suddenly it became annoying and grating to watch. LOL omg it is the human characters for sure (the vamps were damn awesome).

    As for Anna, she’s kinda an acquired taste in the looks department. Wish she had better roles after her good childhood stuff (loved her in Jane Erye, Fly Away Home, and yes even The Piano). Her more mature stuff sucks. Hope she finds more stuff worthy of her talent.

    • That’s basically how it went for me too. I’ve tried several times because my friends keep insisting I’m missing something. Every time I write an article like this one, they give me crap, but I’m an honest girl and I can’t help it. I really don’t see what the big deal is. The vamps are pretty awesome, but the one that hooks up with Anna Paquin’s character even sort of grated on me for some reason. And I totally agree about Paquin. She had a lot of promise. I’m sure she’ll find her way again. I don’t understand why she’s wasting her time on TB. I guess it’s not all bad though. She scored a moderately attractive and probably very nice husband out of the deal.

  • She has acting talent but still does not display her full capability yet.

  • What is that skirt made of?

  • she is a hottie, yummy