written by Wanda

AnnaLynne McCord Gets On The One Piece Bandwagon

AnnaLynne McCord is a beautiful woman. There’s really no doubt about that at all. Her bikini pics are among the hottest out there and for a while, it seemed like there was a new set to drool over every single week. I’m not AnnaLynne’s biggest fan but I always like looking at pictures of her. I guess I have complex feelings about her. Regardless, as much as I love AnnaLynne McCord bikini pics, there’s something to be said for a sexy one piece swimsuit. It’s kind of odd. Somehow, AnnaLynne can switch from a bikini to a one piece and still show just as much skin. I suppose we can thank the “90210” wardrobe department for that one. As the cast and crew of “90210” set up shop by the pool at a popular Los Angeles hotel on December 13, 2011, it’s pretty clear the temperatures aren’t ideal for filming a pool party scene as Ms. McCord snuggles up in a robe, jacket and boots between takes. I have to hand it to the lady though, when the cameras start rolling and the jacket, robe and boots come off, you’d never be able to tell the poor girl was freezing her butt off.


  • I almost didn’t recognise her. Actually, tell a lie, I didn’t recognise her at all until I saw the name in the title. Doesn’t really look like her, not that I’m disputing that it isn’t her or that she doesn’t look nice! She just looks really different to me.

  • I don’t like the way they put the make-up on her around her eye area. There’s something about the way it was applied that ages her. Well, it looks like it to me anyway. She looks no less beautiful though. Not what I’m saying at all.

  • What jacket and boots? She’s not wearing any jacket or boots.

  • Good eye, Dwight! I didn’t actually notice that because, well, I didn’t look at all of her photos. But, yeah, now you’ve mentioned it, there aren’t any pics of her in a jacket and boots.

    Also, I’ve only just noticed: is she giving someone the middle finger in the main picture?! :-)

  • She looks good, and I could be wrong when I say this but I don’t think I’ve ever rlelay seen her in anything high fashion. Like I feel like if she went to the Oscars she would wear Alice + Olivia.

  • That’s an expert anwser to an interesting question

  • AnnaLynne is one of my all time favorite actresses. She is gorgeous and talented. I love her in this suit. It looks very fashionable on her and stylish as well and even though it is not showing off tons of skin, it makes her look amazing.

  • I cum soooo hard over this goddess!!!