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AnnaLynne McCord Is Sexy On The Red Carpet

I feel like I should like AnnaLynne McCord more than I do. She’s super sexy, has an incredible body and has the sort of unique vibe about her that I’d usually really find appealing. With that said, there’s something about her that bugs me. Perhaps it’s the fact that she always seems so ‘posed’. There doesn’t really seem to be anything authentic about her. More than that, she seems very stuck on herself. That’s just an impression I get. Chances are fairly good that I’m completely wrong. That’s how I feel though. Here at the “Iris – A Journey Into The World Of Cinema” event, AnnaLynne looks fabulous as usual. I’d like to see her look a little less rehearsed though. It’s hard to avoid thinking she stands in front of her mirror at home for hours practicing her poses. Maybe she actually is just that perfect though. Who knows? It’s Hollywood, after all.

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