written by Wanda

AnnaLynne McCord Sizzles In A Mismatched Bikini In LA.

It feels like it’s been ages since we’ve gotten new AnnaLynne McCord bikini pics. Maybe it hasn’t actually been all that long but it still feels that way. I’ve missed pictures like these. I really have. The first thing I noticed when I looked at these photos is how much healthier AnnaLynne looks. She was verging on too thin there for a while but she looks like she doesn’t look quite as thin anymore. She looks toned and fit. It looks like she’s been spending some time in a gym not like she’s been eating nothing but a celery stick for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Above all that though, the one thing that stands out about these pictures of AnnaLynne in LA is her smile. This woman has such an incredible smile. While her show, “90210”, isn’t quite as hot as it once was, AnnaLynne doesn’t seem to be letting that get her down and why would she? I’m sure she’ll have a career long after “90210” is off the air.

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  • sizzles ?.. hilarious…
    she’s anorectic stick figure…