written by Wanda

AnnaLynne McCord With Co-stars Jessica Stroup And Jessica Lowndes

I can see why some people have a problem with AnnaLynne McCord. In the desire to promote acceptance for larger women, skinny women kind of got the short end of the stick. The problem with that is that there is nothing wrong with being skinny as long as you’re being skinny in a healthy way. To me, AnnaLynne look skinny in a healthy way. There are women out there who are just naturally slim and I think AnnaLynne is one of those women. I have to admit though, on a personal level, I am more attracted to AnnaLynne’s “90210” co-stars Jessica Stroup and Jessica Lowndes although I am also certainly attracted to AnnaLynne as well. The trio looks fabulous in these photos taken in Los Angeles and they seem to get along really well together. I’d like to see the Jessicas in bikinis as well but I think there’s definitely something to be said for a gorgeous girl in a nice one piece.


  • Yes she is skinny in a good way. But I much prefer a woman with some meat on her bones. AnnaLynne does not look bad but if she beefed it up, she would be even sexier to me.

  • I don’t think Jenna Elfman looks that bad. It’s kinda weird but I don’t hate it! The belt at the waist would have done a lot! Too bad!I love Jessica Stroup! It’s too much back for my liking but it’s still cute! I relaly like her!I hate this Alice + Olivia dress. Annalynne should’ve stuck to her usual. The shoes also don’t work. Also hate the belt.Sophia Bush looks the BOMB! The print is very bold but the style is gorgeous. She’s perfect from head to toe! Dita is proud! BEST DRESSED PLEASE!I completely agree with your take on Shenae Grimes’s and Jen Love Hewitt’s outfits. Don’t relaly like the dress but I LOVE the shoes!Elle looks like a mad woman due to her retarded hair. I dislike. Bandage dresses need to be toned down or everyone looks like a fool wearing them or maybe this is just coming from us non-celebrity onlookers.

  • this was a pretty well drsesed event. jenna elfman doesn’t look that bad, but charlize definitely looked better.jessica stroup looks so perfect. the bob looks great on her and she has such a nice smile.i am not liking annalynne’s look :/ get back to awesomeness annalynne!sophia bush looks so gorgeous. loving it! her dress is definitely giving me that warm fuzzy feeling as well, especially after i read your very detailed description of the perfect autumn day. fuzzy fuzzy fuzzy. shenae grimes looks good. even though she’s flat there are a lot of flat girls out there! we all can’t have big basoomas.jennifer looks awesome as well .ashley is so boring. can she do something interesting please? i don’t know what’s going on with elle mcpherson she does look good to a certain extent, but i’m getting the feeling that she’s trying too hard?