written by Wanda

Anne Hathaway Flashes Vag At The Les Miserables Premiere.

I was wondering if I’d have to write about these photos and now, here we are. I’m writing about them, you’re reading about them and Anne Hathaway is out there somewhere shaking her head at all of us. She doesn’t get why her crotch shots are such a big deal. To be honest, I don’t really either. It’s not like you can see full vag. It’s just a little puff of hair. I’m far more impressed by the rest of the photos from the Les Miserables premiere, New York. Anne looks fabulous. I love the dress. I love the shoes and while I prefer her longer hair, I do like the shorter hair as well. I think this is a beautiful, classy woman – crotch shots or not.


  • I have heard that Anne did not intend to do this. She was embarrassed when she found out. But then I ask myself, she went sans undies so maybe she did plan this and just is saying that she is embarrassed.

    • I don’t think she planned it. She doesn’t seem like that type of woman. I lot of women don’t wear underwear. I don’t wear panties. I find them terribly uncomfortable. I don’t often wear dresses or skirts though so maybe that makes a difference.

  • I do not much care for Anne. I do not think that she is pretty at all, especially with the short hair. Makes her look too butch. And the crotch shots…..eewww gross. You had to have known that that was going to happen, Anne with that style of dress.

  • id gladly lick her out but why this short hair saga with women now, it sucks