written by Wanda

Anne Hathaway Is So Pasty She Glows

Not that there’s anything wrong with being pasty. I’m about as pale as a person can be so I like seeing a gorgeous Hollywood babe like Anne Hathaway rocking the ivory look. I just can’t imagine a tan working on her. She seems to be putting herself at risk of a serious sun burn as she spends a little time in the pool at the South Beach hotel in Miami Beach, Florida but she looks like she isn’t that concerned about it. A lot of people were shocked when she lopped off her long locks but I’m a fan of the look. I typically prefer women with longer hair but I love the pixie cut on Anne. It really works for her. I love Anne, I love her bikini and I love these pictures. I just hope she wore sunblock.

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  • Anne sexy ass … thx bro