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Anne Hathaway & Kate Hudson In New Movie

These pictures showed Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson filming a scene from “Bride Wars” in Central Park, New York City. In the movie, they played best friends who became bitter rivals when each insisted to hold her wedding on the same date. Can you imagine the chaos that would be created? They share a common pool of friends so these friends would face the unwelcome prospect of choosing which wedding to attend. More information would be released at a later date.

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway New York City Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson Bride Wars Anne Hathaway 4.jpg Anne Hathaway 5.jpg Anne Hathaway 6.jpg Anne Hathaway 7.jpg Anne Hathaway 8.jpg Anne Hathaway 9.jpg Anne Hathaway 10.jpg Anne Hathaway 11.jpg Anne Hathaway 12.jpg Anne Hathaway 13.jpg


  • Oh lovely…look at those beauties!

  • i think the movie will be a huge hit !


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