written by Wanda

Another Bikini Gallery Of Geri Halliwell

I have to admit I get a little excited when I see a new set of Geri Halliwell pics have been posted for me to write about because it means I have an excuse to stare at Geri Halliwell pics for a while. That’s always a great addition to any day. This lady is fabulous. I love her body. I love her face. I love her attitude. I love her style. I just love every little thing about her. This is one of my favorite sets so far because these pictures really let us see what fantastic shape Geri is in. Just look at that tummy – so toned and tight. I absolutely love it and, obviously, absolutely love her.

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  • I love the suit Geri. You are rocking it. The little ruffle on the bottom is so cute. I have always been a fan of hers since she was a spice girl. She is still as pretty as ever.