written by Wanda

Another Gorgeous Set Of Tulisa Contostavlos Bikini Pics.

How gorgeous is Tulisa Contostavlos? It seems like every time I get a new set of photos of her, I somehow find her more attractive than the last time I saw her. That is just as true with these photos as it is with the other sets I’ve posted of her although, I can’t lie – that first photos kind of freaks me out a bit. I don’t like the angle, I suppose but hey, that’s just me. The rest of the photos are incredible. I love this woman. She’s talented, beautiful and she keeps things interesting. I don’t know quite as much about her as I’d like to but that’s okay. I love what I know. I’m definitely a fan.


  • That first photo looks rather odd. It does not really flatter her at all.
    But she looks amazing in the rest of the photos. I love the suit and it really compliments her body. She is very pretty and I love her smile.

  • tulisa please suck me off

  • her and Nicole Sherzinger is enough to give me an erection all the time, id love to have a tit wank from her she is fit and has great boobs