written by Wanda

Another New Photo Shoot Of Gorgeous Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook is one of my favorite women in the entertainment industry today just because I love the self confidence she just seems to radiate. She’s a gorgeous woman, of course, but there are a lot of beautiful women in the entertainment industry. What does it for me with Kelly is the fact that she seems so comfortable with herself. Some people have rather unkind things to say about Kelly from time to time but she doesn’t seem to let it get to her. She just lets her natural self shine through and that’s a big part of what I think makes a woman sexy. I like these photos of Kelly because they really show how comfortable she is in front of the camera. She doesn’t seem to be pushing herself to portray a certain image. She’s just being Kelly and I find that just ridiculously appealing.


  • she is one of my favourite women too lol, love this website, love all these pictures, awesome stuff, she is a top babe, so pretty her body is amazing too, she is one of the best on this site no question.

    • Agreed, Gary! Kelly is incredible. I always feel happy when I see her name on the list of assignments.

  • She looks awesome but I saw the other photos of her in the bra and she looks much better in them. Either way though she is hot. I mean she has a great face and those curves are killer.