written by Nabanita

Another Stunner Nadine Coyle

It’s always nice to see a fresh face on the scene. Nadine Coyle seems to be happy about it. Dressed in a conservative black and white dress, she seemed quite happy. Any guesses why? Well look closely at her shopping package. Well, I’m sure Chanel would bring a smile to anyone’s face. Not that it would make much of a difference to her, so, maybe she was just being nice to the cameras. Nevertheless we like these candid pictures. An afterthought, even if you leave everything aside and just look at these pictures of Nadine Coyle, you’ll know why she’s quite a stunner.

Nadine Coyle Nadine Coyle Nadine CoyleNadine Coyle Nadine Coyle Nadine Coyle Nadine Coyle Nadine Coyle

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