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Ashlee Simpson Shows Hills

Ashlee Simpson is expecting her firstborn and she is sensitive about her image in pictures. Here, she was walking about in Hollywood, in a low cut gown. Recently, she was caught in pictures when she went to the beach in her bikini. When her photos were published, Ashlee’s Mom, Tina Simpson, said that Ashlee was upset about looking fat. Ashlee told her that her stomach looked like a rectangle. She said she looked like SpongeBob SquarePants. Tina texted Pete for help and he replied that he loved SpongeBob. Pete assured Ashlee that he loved her in spite of her worries.

Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee Simpson in Hollywood Ashlee Simpson boobs Ashlee Simpson 3.jpg Ashlee Simpson 4.jpg Ashlee Simpson 5.jpg Ashlee Simpson 6.jpg Ashlee Simpson 7.jpg Ashlee Simpson 8.jpg Ashlee Simpson 9.jpg Ashlee Simpson 10.jpg Ashlee Simpson 11.jpg Ashlee Simpson 12.jpg Ashlee Simpson is sexy


  • What a terribly ugly tattoo.

    Totally spoils an otherwise attractive woman.

  • Ashlee’s boobs are looking great! Pregnancy sure has been kind to her. Pretty soon they’ll be as big as Jessica’s.


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