written by Wanda

Ashley Greene In Pale Blue Bikini

When people aren’t speculating about her love life and whether or not she’s dating this guy or that guy (who can even keep track these days), Ashley Greene is getting noticed more often for the fact that she may possibly be the most attractive woman in the Twilight movies. Sure Kristen Stewart has her moments, and Nikki Reed is just ridiculously hot, Ashley has the down to earth good looks that make her the most appealing. It doesn’t hurt that she has just about the perfect ass. Here in Las Vegas performing hosting duties at Wet Republic, Ashley takes a little time to pose for fan pictures and just generally look fabulous.

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  • Your comments are not very nice. Since when has Twilight Saga become a beauty contest?? We didn’t do that with the guys persay so why do you have to shoot Kristen down. Are you a guy or a woman?? Because I am a woman and I’m sorry her butt shot with her bikini bottom sticking in her crack made her butt look big not good. So, I don’t know what you are looking at. I am not doubting that Ashley is a pretty woman but to compare you are no better than a high school girl talking about this. I guess if Kristen dressed nude for a commercial to sell a bottle of water and try to be on every stupid magazine there is to try to sell HERSELF not her acting abilities then maybe your comments would be different. The thing between the two of them is Kristen has real talent as an actress and doesn’t have to sell her body to get the attention and $$. Nor does Kristen want the attention that way. There is no mistaken that is how Ashley wants to be noticed. For that reason is why Kristen will go far in this business. When Ashley gets older and has kids you can’t always go on looks anymore. Looks only last for so long!!

  • Hello, thanks for your comment. I like hearing feedback, even from the people who don’t agree with me. In my defense, this post is my opinion on Ashley Greene, who I happen to find the most attractive. If we’re talking about acting chops, I definitely give the crown to Dakota Fanning for overall work. Her performance in Hounddog was just ridiculous. I think she’ll go further than any one else (male or female) in the Twilight movies. Second in line would definitely be Kristen Stewart. If she makes smart choices for roles, which she has done so far, I think she’ll have an amazing career. The Runaways is perfect proof of that. She and Dakota Fanning together are magic.

    With that said, we definitely stack the men up against each other in terms of looks. Robert Pattinson gets the most votes, although personally, I think Jackson Rathbone is the most attractive man in the movies. I also didn’t say Kristen was unattractive. I just happen to think Ashley Greene is more attractive. That doesn’t mean I think she has the greatest potential for a long lasting career. I think there are plenty of Hollywood actresses (not just in Twilight) who sell themselves to get more attention in hopes it will make their careers last longer and it almost never works. Kristen definitely has the right idea. Even so, Ashley (butt crack bikini bottoms and all) is an incredibly beautiful woman. In terms of acting, she has nothing on Kristen but I, myself, don’t find Kristen attractive.

    Finally, this website is about pictures. It isn’t about acting ability or morals. Let’s not forget, Ashley Greene has already had a naked pictures scandal and has been linked to more guys than I can count. If we were talking about who is the more morally upstanding actress, Kristen would win there too. I am asked to comment on the pictures and nothing more.

    The thing I love about Kristen Stewart IS that she’s different. She doesn’t make apologies for who she is. She’s attractive in an unconventional way and she doesn’t feel the need to flaunt his body everything an opportunity presents itself. For that reason, she seldom finds her face on this website. That is so unique and rare in the Hollywood game, and I applaud her for that. She does things her way and yes, she will definitely, definitely go far in the business. Ashley… probably not so much unless she shows the world that she has the talent to back up the good looks. If she does, I could see her as the next Angelina Joli while Kristen could definitely be the next Meryl Streep.

    A prediction: one of these women (Ashley Greene and Kristen Stewart) WILL win an Academy Award someday and it almost certainly won’t be the girl in the blue bikini.

  • Also, to answer you’re question, I’m a woman.