written by Wanda

Ashley Greene Is A Belly Baring Denim Diva

It is fashionable to hate on Twilight, but how can anyone hate on the franchise that brought this brown-haired beauty onto the world’s radar. While rumors circulate about her love life, Ashley Greene just goes about her business and ignores the noise. Her down to earth, natural good looks make her a contender to one day become Hollywood royalty following in the footsteps of Angelina Jolie and… well, Angelina Joli. She may not have showed us what she can really do as an actress yet, but she’s young, she’s having fun and she’s looking gorgeous. Ashley has a long career ahead of her if she wants it – and she definitely wants it.

Ashley Greene Ashley Greene Ashley GreeneAshley Greene Ashley Greene Ashley Greene

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  • very very hot and sexy picture are of the actresses