written by Wanda

Ashley Tisdale And Her Friends Remind Me Why I Love Halloween So Much.

Halloween is my favorite time of the year and I can always count on young Hollywood to remind me why that is. In these photos, we see Ashley Tisdale and her friends looking smoking hot in their Halloween costumes although I have to confess I’m not entirely sure who they’re all supposed to be. Doesn’t matter. They look gorgeous and they’re showing a lot of skin so they win. I can’t write about Ashley though without mentioning here very brief stint on “Sons of Anarchy”. Sons is, without question, one of my absolute favorite shows and I was excited to see Ashley make her appearance. I was a little disappointed by how quickly that appearance ended. She served a purpose of course, allowing Charlie Humman’s Jax and Jimmy Smitts’ Nero to form a sort of bond but still, it would’ve been nice to see her around a little bit more. All the same, I think she did a great job. Maybe we’ll see her again eventually. I wouldn’t rule anything out with this show.

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