written by Wanda

Ashley Tisdale And Samantha Droke In Hawaii

There was a time when I wasn’t a big Ashley Tisdale fan but that’s really started to change as of late. I’ve enjoyed her more recent work and I’ve also come to be a pretty big fan of her style. She’s a very versatile young lady. She looks fabulous when she’s dressed in more casual attire or when she’s glammed up for the red carpet. Here in Hawaii with Samantha Droke, the girls look like they’re having a great time relaxing on the beach. I know Ashley has a lot in the works for the next few months so it’s nice to see her taking a little time to relax. I’m really looking forward to what the future holds for Ashley. I think in time she could really become a force to be reckoned with in the business and could really surprise a lot of people.


  • I think what she needs is a really good film or series to be in. I still look at her and think High School Musical. Nothing wrong with High Sch Musical, but I wanna see a film she’s in where I stop thinking of her as the character in that musical.

    • She’s got a new television pilot in the works that is supposed to be pretty good. I liked her in “Hellcats” as well. I think it was cancelled far too soon. It needed more time to really hit its stride.

  • What’s the TV pilot about? I heard about “Hellcats” when it first came out but never watched it. TV stations are a lot more ruthless these days. If a program isn’t making the ratings, then buh-bye, see ya. They’re losing money, I guess, but they also do not have the patience to see a series through that may very well pay off BIG TIME in the future.