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Ashley Tisdale In Her Bikini

Ashley Tisdale became 23 years old on July 2 and she spent her birthday with her boyfriend, Jared Murillo, and her parents, in Hawaii. Ashley looked simply stunning in her bikini.

Jared originated from Hawaii. He works as a dancer and had a dance role in High School Musical. While the group was at a beach, Ashley and Jared went for a catamaran sail. The cute couple looked like they were having tons of fun. They have been dating since Mar. 2007 and have exchanged promise rings.

Ashley Tisdale

Jared Murillo Jared Murillo and Ashley Tisdale Ashley Tisdale in Hawaii Ashley Tisdale in bikini sexy Ashley Tisdale Ashley Tisdale in sea Ashley Tisdale 7.jpg Ashley Tisdale 8.jpg Ashley Tisdale 9.jpg Ashley Tisdale 10.jpg Ashley Tisdale 11.jpg Ashley Tisdale 12.jpg Ashley Tisdale 13.jpg Ashley Tisdale 14.jpg Ashley Tisdale 15.jpg Ashley Tisdale 16.jpg Ashley Tisdale, ocean


  • What a great couple are they!

  • great candids, looks like they were having fun

  • not so much makeup but still looking great

  • thats a nice deep innie belly button she has there;)

  • Ashley has great legs and a great ass…she looks amazing in a bikini!

  • ashley have really HOT THIGHS i just want too RUB m hands on her SUPER HOT AND SEXY THIGHS


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