written by Wanda

Ashley Tisdale Reminds Me That Sons Of Anarchy Is Back Soon.

First things first, Ashley Tisdale looks fantastic in these photos. I’m not generally a fan of super short shorts and whatnot but I actually kind of think they work with the stockings (leg warmers?) she’s wearing here. I don’t really get the point but it looks good so I’m going to let the lack of logic of this outfit pass. What really excites me about these pictures though is the fact that they serve as a reminder that in less than one month, “Sons of Anarchy” will be back on the air. It seems like a guest stint on a show like “SOA” is a weird career move for Miss. Tisdale, but I think it’s a smart one. She’s introducing herself to a whole new audience and branching out into new territory. I, for one, can’t wait to see what she does. I also can’t wait for the new season of “SOA” to start. Best show on television? Yes.

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  • I really do not see the point of this outfit. Just wear jeans or pants if you want your legs covered. It looks like crap. I could see if you were a dancer and wore the leg warmers but you are not in Fame, lol.