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Ashley Tisdale The Schoolgirl

These candids of Ashley Tisdale on the set of High School Musical III are a bit intriguing. Not only is she on the cellphone almost all the time, she seemed to be screaming at the person on the other end of the line! Wonder what the argument was about? Do you think she was picking a fight with her boyfriend? And why is the Tiz wearing those knee-high socks? Where’s her stylist, for chrissakes?

Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale filming video High School Musical III Ashley Tisdale 3.jpg Ashley Tisdale 4.jpg Ashley Tisdale 5.jpg Ashley Tisdale 6.jpg Ashley Tisdale 7.jpg Ashley Tisdale 8.jpg Ashley Tisdale 9.jpg Ashley Tisdale 10.jpg Ashley Tisdale 11.jpg Ashley Tisdale 12.jpg Ashley Tisdale 13.jpg Ashley Tisdale 14.jpg Ashley Tisdale 15.jpg Ashley Tisdale 16.jpg Ashley Tisdale 17.jpg Ashley Tisdale 18.jpg Ashley Tisdale 19.jpg Ashley Tisdale 20.jpg knee-high socks


  • She looks weird for a skinny girl.

  • Wow Mike! YOu are so passionate about portey. That’s wonderful. I bet you go thru the day with portey lines dancing through your head. Until you wrote that, I wondered how you could write portey day after day and never run dry. Now I know it’s because you see portey everywhere! It’s a wonderful gift! Thank you for the the compliment, though. It’s high praise coming from you. I did say i wasn’t a poet, but I didn’t say I wasn’t a writer. I’ve written two children’s books which I hope to publish someday. I’m now writing a novel. I have no idea how it will turn out, but i can finally understand how it feels to have a passion. Everything else i’ve ever done is work. This book is writing itself and I could write it all day without taking a break!!


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