written by Wanda

Ass And Cleavage Shots Of Adrianne Curry

I honestly don’t really get the big deal about Adrianne Curry. She’s hot and all, but there’s something about her that just doesn’t sit right with me. As the first winner of “America’s Next Top Model” she has the distinction of being the standard to which all other winners are compared and I’m not sure she really holds up. With her announcement that she is separating from husband Christopher Knight (Peter Brady from “The Brady Bunch”), I feel like I should be surprised but somehow I’m not. I like Adrianne in theory. The fact that she doesn’t try to the fact that she’s a geek and that she shows the world that geeks can be sexy. Perhaps it’s her obvious vanity, but if I was as hot as her, I’d probably be pretty full of myself too.


  • I do not see what the big deal about her is either. In my book she is not hot. I think that I am prettier than she is. And I did not have to marry a Brady either, lol, That part is just weird.

  • your prettier than her so send me a picture of yourself and ill rank you, beauty is subjective, She is quite nice to me not a stunner and to someone else she ma be ugly or super hot.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say