written by Nabanita

Ass Shots Of Cheryl Tweedy

Sometimes it’s not so much about where a star is treading but generally the idea of spotting her that could be great enough. Obviously we’ve seen more celebs than 1 pull of stunts or dress atrociously just so the shutters pick her up. Nothing wrong in looking casual but looks like Cheryl Tweedy experiences bouts of being out of her senses, what with her break ups and all. And that makes her quite unmindful of the side boob peeps she’s providing in her ill fitting top, and what’s with the tight pants, probably she wants us to check her butt.

Cheryl Tweedy Cheryl Tweedy Cheryl TweedyCheryl Tweedy Cheryl Tweedy Cheryl Tweedy Cheryl Tweedy Cheryl Tweedy


  • her ass is so hot… why have soccy guy left her?

  • Just wanna feel her arse.

  • I would fucking destroy that ass!

  • Hmm, I don’t really see that much of a backside there myself. I do love the tattoo on the back of her neck though. And I rather like the bag, though I’d give her something a bit smaller to carry.

  • not much of a ass there,i say its a smelly ass

  • her ass is smoking hot