written by Wanda

Ass Shots Of Shauna Sand

I don’t get Shauna Sand. I really don’t. I’m sorry. I just can’t endorse a woman that’s more plastic than human flesh. I’m pretty sure saran wrap comes out when Shauna cuts herself. Those lips. Good Lord. Anyway, she has a pretty hot body so I guess that’s something she’s got going for her. I mean, most Playboy Playmates have had a nip or tuck here and there so I guess I shouldn’t really hate on Shauna for that, especially considering she’s one click shy of forty. I’ll be thrilled if I look like Shauna at forty. Then again, I don’t think I will ever have the money necessary to make that happen. Regardless of how I feel about Shauna, I’m sure many of you will enjoy these pictures of Shauna in Miami strutting her stuff on the beach. I will say she knows how to rock a bikini and doesn’t look quite as ‘worked on’ in these pictures as she does in many of her others.


  • She’s wearing stripper heels to the beach.

    WOW. Just wow.

    • She wears them everywhere. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had them surgically attached to her feet.

  • She’s wearing those heels because she knows she’s being photographed. Does she wear those heels indoors? I don’t think so.

    I’m all for tans, but I think hers is bordering on orange. Toning down a bit wouldn’t hurt.

    I bet she doesn’t recognise herself when she takes off all her makeup either.

    If I had the money, I wouldn’t have plastic surgery done. I’d eat really well and have my own personal trainer. It’s totally Shauna’s choice what she does to herself though.

  • thx brooooooo wowww

  • Check the expression on her face after he ksiess her. It’s like she’s thinking So do you want to f*** me now and I wonder if you can really afford my fee??? The not-so-fresh Prince of Bel Air loves Shauna Sand because she’s even more fake and even more of a gold-digger than he is. He’s just like the male, elderly version of her. When two of the biggest freaks in Hollywood come together, cold fusion occurs.

  • Im willing and able Shauna when you are