written by Ann

Atomic Kitten’s Sexy Reunion Show.

The Atomic Kitten, consisting of Liz McClarnon, Natasha Hamilton and Jenny Frost, made a special effort to re-unite for this special performance at the Astoria in London. Liz wore a white corset, Natasha wore the leopard slip and Jenny wore her black bra. They showed that they had not lost their special touch in singing and performing despite becoming mothers and holding individual careers. The audience was supposedly gays and the trio had sexy male dancers clad only in boxer shorts. I’m not sure if the gays were interested in the Atomic Kitten but the band was dressed sexily in lingerie. What would the gays say?

white corset

black bra Atomic Kitten lingerie Atomic Kitten 4.jpg Atomic Kitten 5.jpg Atomic Kitten 6.jpg Atomic Kitten 7.jpg Atomic Kitten 8.jpg Atomic Kitten 9.jpg Atomic Kitten 10.jpg Atomic Kitten 11.jpg Atomic Kitten 12.jpg Atomic Kitten 13.jpg Liz McClarnon Atomic Kitten 15.jpg Atomic Kitten 16.jpg Atomic Kitten 17.jpg Atomic Kitten 18.jpg


  • Nice outfit girls!

  • Lil, thank you sooooooo much for showing us your gorgeous arse cheeks, you naughty girl!

  • Lil, your naked arse cheeks have been very very handy whenever I have needed some relief recently! Thank you, naughty girl!


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