written by Wanda

Aubrey O’Day Also Forgot Her Pants. Epidemic?

The world is supposed to end this year. I’m sure you’ve heard a little something about that. We have crazy weather happening all over the globe, whole flocks of birds dropping from the skies, schools of fish washing up on the shores and far too many crazy cannibals coming out of the woodwork for my comfort. What does this have to do with Aubrey O’Day and her lost pants? Allow me to explain.
Moments ago, I wrote a post poking fun at Lady Gaga for apparently forgetting her pants at the airport. I open this post and see Aubrey O’Day posing for the photos you see here – photos in which she has also seemingly forgotten her pants. Could there be some sort of virus spreading around the world causing women to become absent minded enough to leave the house with only tights covering their panties? It might not sound dangerous, especially not when the woman in question is Aubrey O’Day but just imagine for a moment that Alessandra Ambrosio becomes infected? Miranda Kerr? Doutzen Kroes? Jennifer freakin’ Lopez? It would be sheer pandemonium! Now imagine it does the other way. I don’t find Aubrey super attractive but seeing her without pants isn’t a frightening experience but there are definitely some women that need their pants. Two words – Rosie O’Donnell. Scared yet?

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