written by Wanda

Aubrey O’Day Plays Around On The Beach.

I’m sorry to all the Aubrey O’Day fans out there but I just don’t like this girl. There’s something about her that sits wrong with me. She’s beautiful and talented but she seems to be so full of herself at times. I don’t find that appealing. With that said, she looks like she’s having a great time in these photos, snapped on a beach in Santa Monica. She looks pretty good, I have to admit. I’m not her biggest fan but I still have to give credit where credit is due. One thing I’ve liked about Aubrey is her ability to really show when she’s having a great time and that’s definitely true in these photos. Are they my favorite pictures of her? No, but they’re pretty close.

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  • her attitude is like most teenage girls then but i sure wish I was that guy getitng to hold her, I know what I would be doing to her in the same position