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Audrina Patridge At The Hard Rock Hotel In Vegas

I’ve always been a little back and forth on Audrina Patridge. Sometimes I think she’s gorgeous and sometimes I think she’s only okay. It all depends on the pictures which is kind of weird. Normally, a smoking hot girl is gorgeous no matter way. Regardless, I think Audrina looks really good in these pictures from the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. I like the bikini and the blue button up vest left open. It’s a nice look for her. I’m also really liking the dark hair and the sunglasses. She looks comfortable yet sexy and, for once, I can’t find anything to hate on about these pictures. Well done, Audrina.

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  • Cute, but not the bikini queen she was before 2011. Ever since her significant reduction and cleavage removal she seems to like looking more like 46 than 26. The new sagging, no cleavage, pear-shaped look Audrina is putting out is not very attractive. At the very least she should visit Fredricks or Victoria’s Secret for a little boost for her bust. Then she would look a somewhat like the unique, gorgeous, shapely woman she was before 2011 with a little of her signature cleavage back.