written by Wanda

Audrina Patridge Dressed All In Black

Audrina Patridge was seen rushing into the “Dancing With The Stars” rehearsal studios, admitting she’s a bit late, but we’re sure it hardly matters. The former The Hills hottie looks fabulous so, if nothing else, she has that working for her. No one really knows how Audrina will do, but when one considers some of Patridge’s co-stars it’s hard to imagine she’ll turn in the worst performance on the show. There are already rumors that it’s more than a little difficult to get Bristol Palin to rehearsals and the Situation? Well… we’ll just have to wait and see there, but one thing is certain, Patridge may have to worry more about being forgettable on the show that giving the worst performance.

Audrina Patridge Audrina Patridge Audrina PatridgeAudrina Patridge Audrina Patridge Audrina Patridge Audrina Patridge


  • Audrina, we want quality!!

  • Who writes these garbage gay articles? I live in SoCal. This chick looks like my neighbor. One of 1000’s here. Oooooo…. all dressed in black… are you shi**ing me?! She can dance, act and looks hot like so many women here you can’t count em.

  • Hi, Anonymous. Wanda here. I wrote these garbage gay articles. She’s dress in black so I said she’s dressed in black. Not shitting you at all. Clearly what color she’s wearing. I have never been lucky enough to visit ‘SoCal’ so I don’t know what the thousands of women there look like. I was commenting on the one that has the camera pointed at her. My job to comment on it and I did. Relax, man. This isn’t serious business here. To be honest, you’re likely one of the few people that actually reads my garbage articles. This site is about the pictures. Always nice to get feedback, though. Thanks for taking time from what I’m sure is a very busy schedule to let me know you don’t like my article. I might cry tonight. Well, probably not. I’ll just remind myself that anyone that refers to Southern California as SoCal is automatically a douchbag and feel better about the whole thing.

  • Also, sorry for the typos. Apparently, I am also a douchbag that didn’t proofread my rant before I posted it.

  • Haha!

    No, you are a great writer, don’t mind about negative comments left by anonymous!

  • Wanda. You from Nebraska? Your article is passé. That’s all I meant. Write something worth reading or do something worth writing about. She is late. That does matter. Pump it up and make her look unreliable or something. Using SoCal makes me a douche bag? You are the one pointing out to me that this is not serious business… no kidding. You want to be a Hollywood reporter? Tell us she just got out of bed with a real douche bag she met at the MGM party that was rumored to have been less private than she thought. Tell us her breasts are too far apart. She is dressed in black because she is obsessed with Johnny Cash. Like the writer who has 17 y.o. Miley Cyrus, a child, a little girl, is now a whore showing us her crotch on stage because she forget her pants. Now, that’s Hollywood! Make em squirm. They are actors, Wanda. They are less than douche bags. They are human beings that for whatever reason have chosen to place themselves under a public microscope of scrutiny… look at me. Entertainers that entertain us. Nice, but they get paid a lot of money for making masturbation for the miserable masses to forget their troubles for an hour… not rocket science.

  • Thanks CreespY. It’s much appreciated!

    Thank you for the very well thought out response. I will admit, the douchebag comment was a low blow. My feelings were a little hurt and I won’t even lie. In all honesty though, I don’t actually want to be a Hollywood reporter. I love this job. It’s a lot of fun and I enjoy the work. This isn’t my website though and I don’t want to sling mud if I don’t have the proof to back up what I’m saying. I do go after the celebs I feel the need to go after (the Cyrus post about forgetting her pants was written by me as well, by the way) but I don’t really have any specific problem with Audrina. She is very run of the mill and bland, but that’s not really her fault. Basically, what I do here is write about the pictures I’m given to write about. I have a personal blog I use for more opinionated articles on whatever subject grabs my attention but I don’t feel this blog is the right venue for that. In general, most people come here for the pictures. I’m totally fine with that. If I have an opinion on someone, like Miley for example, I share it.