written by Wanda

Audrina Patridge Goes Shopping. I’m Sure Someone Cares.

Eh, I dunno – I’m kind of over Audrina Patridge. I can’t be the only one. I liked her for a while, then I didn’t and now I’m just kind of indifferent. She looks okay in these photos that were snapped while she went shopping but they’re not exactly setting my bikini zone on fire. I guess I’m just kind of tired of her. She’s pretty but we’ve seen it. She looks killer in a bikini but so do a lot of girls. I guess I’m probably being a little hard on her, but I’m also just being honest. I just don’t get the attraction, I suppose. This set just bores me, I suppose. Who knows, though? The next photos I get of her could be bikini pics or something and I could fall in love all over again. I’m a finicky girl, what can I say?


  • she is easy on the eyes for sure

  • nice pics