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Audrina Patridge In Swimsuit

Audrina Patridge and her older sister, Casey Patridge, were at the Wet Republic pool party at MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, on Sat., Sept. 27. Casey has a fabulous, taut body, considering she just had a baby earlier this year. Casey loved hardcore stuff and has acquired many tattoos. It looked like she would be covering her body with them. Audrina was the host for this Bombay Sapphire event. DJ Shift played the music for them.

Audrina Patridge

Casey Patridge Wet Republic party tattoos sisters love Audrina Patridge in swimsuit Audrina Patridge drinking Audrina Patridge 8.jpg Audrina Patridge 9.jpg Audrina Patridge 10.jpg Audrina Patridge 11.jpg Audrina Patridge 12.jpg Audrina Patridge 13.jpg Audrina Patridge in pool Audrina Patridge 15.jpg MGM Grand Hotel


  • not really sure who this girl is.. but she is really attractive

  • so is her sister

  • Her sister should get more tattoos.


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